About us


The history of the Space Door goes back to the year 2013, when we were challenged by the lack of space in our small flat. One of the factors limiting the amount of available space we had were the standard interior doors found in most spaces. These standard doors require a very large amount of room for proper functioning and thus reduce the amount of usable space in your home, office, or elsewhere.

After having analysed the existing interior door systems from around the world, we came to the conclusion that the problem with space affects millions of people in houses, flats and offices - and up until now there has been no solution. All of this made us realise how far-reaching this problem is. The prices per square meter in real estate are growing, so it is worth using the amount of space we have as effectively as possible.

These were the circumstances which fostered the idea of the Space Door – the door which fits into its frame and solves the problem with space so many of us have. So we started discussing, analysing and drafting - the entire process was time consuming and we encountered many obstacles along the way. However, we were convinced about the effectiveness of our solution and we were determined to not give up. We simply knew that our product can help those who cherish every inch of usable space.

In 2014, the Proms-Tech Marek Rogozinski Company was created and registered in Płock, Poland. The company deals with designing and creating innovative solutions. Our main aim was to create a new generation of indoor doors which would perform well in small and demanding spaces. The final system was called “Space Door”. The main aim behind this project was for the door, after opening, to be able to fit into two frames of a relatively small size (not much bigger than the door frame). In a closed position the doors would take up the space between the frames, while maintaining the parameters of standard doors. In 2015 the door system was filed for registration in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Our Team

Our team presently consists of eight people and is growing in number every month.

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Who Are We?

Our company consists of a team of young engineers who share a passion for new technologies and are committed to searching for ergonomic solutions. Most of all, we are connected by the strong desire to create something new.