Example arrangements

Example arrangements

We all know the importance of maximizing the use of available space in our homes, no matter how small or large. This is why we created the space-saving door system "Space Door". Thanks to our door system, your design and arrangement possibilities will never be limited by a small space again. Your rooms will become more spacious and functional, with every available inch at your disposal.


Security comes first. With your little ones in mind, we have eliminated all potential dangers connected with the system’s usage. Two independent sliding leaves exclude the possibility of blocking the doors. Slamming or jamming one’s fingers in the door will no longer be a problem.

The possibility of installing two colouring options (one on either side of the doors) allows for freedom in your interior arrangement possibilities on both sides of the door. A wide selection of colours and materials are sure to match any taste.


The carefully manufactured mechanical construction which serves as a base can be further extended with automatic or electronic add-ons - these will make the product even more innovative and functional in office spaces. The door, with its sturdy metal construction and high level of sound muffling, will preserve the harmony of your living space.


When creating the “Space Door” we aimed for a timeless design that will set a new trend of "fluid boundaries between rooms". You will never be confronted with the choice of having your door open inwards or outwards. The door system is easy to integrate even within the most demanding and difficult spaces.