SpaceDoor - Specifications

SpaceDoor – Specifications

We successfully created a new generation of interior doors completely from scratch: the Space Door, a unique door system like no other.  The main material used for its construction is aluminium, characterised by high durability and endurance. This material can easily be further processed by painting or anodizing. Thanks to this we can achieve a product with a timeless shape, unique colouring and enhanced surface durability.

After closing the doors the frame is completely filled by aluminium profiles which create a rigid, fixed barrier. The aesthetic qualities of the closed system are complimented by another system of covers made from a technical material and rolled inside the frame. The technical material itself comes in various patterns and colours.


Product features

  • The door completely fits into two relatively small frames (15 x 10 cm). The sliding mechanism is concealed in the head casting
  • The door solely occupies the space inside the door frame
  • Strong, metal structure (high quality aluminium)
  • A wide selection of colours and casting patterns as well as panels and veneers.
  • Rigid, stable construction
  • The possibility of installing two colouring options on either side of the doors
  • Two independent sliding leaves exclude the possibility of the uncontrolled blocking of the door
  • High sound blocking capability
  • Very high aesthetic
  • High durability and resistance of the entire construction
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Waterproof, resistant to dampness, temperature and sunrays
  • Small transportation footprint
  • Low weight of the entire system
  • Simple assembly/disassembly of the entire system
  • Spare parts available - e.g. new material

Extension possibilities

  • Installing motors in the head casting to open and close the doors
  • Installing an electronic lock
  • Installing a door control panel with a button used for opening/closing the doors, or a touch-panel reading fingerprints, or code entry
  • Installing a motion sensor which opens the door when a person/object is near
  • Equipping the door with a laser sensor in order to check whether the working field of the closing doors is empty and free of any person/object
  • Adjusting the speed of the door opening and closing
  • Dioda informująca o stanie w jakim pracują aktualnie drzwi, zielona - odblokowane można otworzyć, dioda pomarańczowa - drzwi podczas pracy zamykanie lub otwieranie, dioda czerwona - drzwi zablokowane;
  • An LED indicator showing the working status of the doors - green: unlocked, can be opened; orange: the doors are in the process of opening or closing; red: the doors are locked
  • Equipping the door with a backup power system - in case of power shortage
  • The possibility of installing a decorative LED illumination around the doorframe or in the main guides